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#90DayWritingChallenge: Week Fucking 1

90 DAY WRITING CHALLENGE: WEEK 1 INTRO POST—aka, say whattup to all da homies and talk about yo shit a little. That’s what this post is for, right? Yeah, okay, good. Cool. So, I’m doing the 90 Day Writing Challenge (#90DayWritingChallenge on Twitter) for a few reasons. (BEWARE: I swear A-FUCKING-LOT and this post will … Continue reading

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Why I Will Probably Not Ever Write a Black Main Character

I’m writing this blog post for more reasons than I can count. I will say, however, that the things that drove me to put my thoughts down on cyber-paper are as follows: 1. Kristen Strassel (@KristenStrassel on Twitter) My beautiful friend Kristen wrote a great book with a biracial main character (Callie’s half Jamaican—West Indies, y’all!) … Continue reading