10 Important Terms for New Writers to Know!

I probably (definitely) wrote this blog. Enjoy it.

Trench Coats & Quotes

When I first joined the writing world, it was scary. When I embarked upon the ONLINE writing world, things just got infinitely worse. There’s a lot you have to know, the least of which being this weirdo writers’ language that all the kids seem to be speaking. And the thing is, there aren’t a lot of ways to learn what these words, phrases and acronyms mean.

If you’re feeling like you’re unsure about writing terms, turns of phrase, new-aged slang or popular hashtags, look no further—Trench Coats & Quotes has your back!

1. CP

This is an acronym, if you were wondering. You were, I’m sure. Example, “Trench Coats & Quotes is run by rag-tag writing CP duo, Diana and Candice.”

CP = Critique Partner

These are invaluable writing partners you can bond with, not only on a creative level, but on a soul level. CPs are meant, on the…

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