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Weeks 8 through 11 (Sorry!)

Oh, like you weren’t aware I was going soft on this! So here it is, fast like a bunny:

8: In week eight, I had actually finished the initial 90 Day Writing Challenge goal I’d set for myself. I was happy about that. And then I fucking wasn’t. My project was an NACR (New Adult Contemporary Romance) that tumblr_inline_mqn0r6nSwx1qz4rgpdesperately wanted to be a YA project. I was 12k deep and had to start all over. Waaah.

My biggest writing influences have been people like Aimee Bender, JR Ward (tonally, I think I write like her), E. Lockhart. I’m not saying these are favorites, (they are), but I’m mentioning them because I learned a lot about writing just by studying theirs.

9: In week 9, I was pumped. I was having a really hard time with the NA and wanted to cry when I started writing the YA because it was finally clicking altogether. Here’s an unedited excerpt: CLICK ME, LOVAH!

10: I burned out a little here. I can admit that. I hit 10k and burned out. I even got feedback from my beautiful CP and entertained thoughts of revising WHERE WORDS FAIL *and also* drafting the new YACR. I haven’t done that yet, but I wanna! When I feel burned out, I write through it and hope to high heaven we all make it out alive. The only way to get through my blocks is to write tumblr_inline_mylkpdSjgg1r3zat8through them. So I did. And I do.


11: …I haven’t planned any celebration. I actually hadn’t thought about it. I know now that this challenge was GOOD FOR ME. It pushed me to write more often, if not every day, and now I think it will be easier, moving forward to do that.


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