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Week 7 Check-In! #90DayWritingChallenge

Well, check ME the fuck out! Blogging two weeks in a row. SOMEBODY BREAK OUT THE TEQUILA! LET’S DO SHOTS.

…lol jk, we’ll do them after we crank out this post.


How much have you accomplished? And, what kind of a writer are you? (Character-first vs Plot-first? Plotser vs Pantser? Hero’s Journey vs Three Act Structure?) Why does it work for you?


I’ve actually accomplished what I set out to do. As in, I am finished with my challenge goals and I have just under half a challenge to go. The problem? I’ve been so stuck and indecisive with my story that I’ll probably have to go back and change/erase/burn a lot of that shit.

I’m living a very 1 step forward, 2 steps back kind of life, it seems.

The type of writer I am, I don’t think, has a box that she fits nicely into, but I definitely value character above all things. I feel like if you don’t have characters that work, you don’t have anything. Especially since I’ve been trying to write using the technique whereby your character’s personality traits determine the story’s course of action. It’s weird how related those things are.

I mean, I don’t really plot and I don’t really follow any sort of linear structure or otherwise. It works for me because I have a hard time following rules (in all things) and find that my stories pull more emotion when I let that guide my characters.

As an aside—I’ve been trying to write through a block and I think I finally understand how to get past it. (Thanks in large part to Evey). So I’m off to write! TA!

Here—have a gif… or two! (Also, I didn’t swear nearly as much in this post as I usually do, so… fuck fuck fuck).

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