In Which, I Wax Poetic About Writing & Music

What inspired me to write this blog was the song I’m going to embed. Recently, as many of us know, Cassie Clare’s The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones just hit theatres. I went and saw the movie by myself—which is a whole other blog post in itself, and I’ll be drafting that sometime in the near future (SOMEBODY QUOTE ME ON THAT, HOLD ME TO IT, I SWEAR I WILL BLOG AGAIN SOON!) And the film was FUCKING FANTASTIC, by the way. I can’t wait to see it again.

So, on Twitter, Nathan Sykes of The Wanted (a band of which I am NOT a fan—but Nathan’s voice is deliciously sexy) tweeted about his duet with Ariana Grande (i’m starting to like this girl more and more. She’s got some serious pipes.)

So basically, I listened to the song and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. It totally took me back to the days I spent drowning in Cassie’s books. I stopped reading the series after book 4 because I just didn’t feel as interested in the story anymore. But this song rekindled A LOT of those old feelings about characters and the world of Shadowhunters that I didn’t really realize were buried.

(Me, after listening to the song 100000 times.)tumblr_inline_mf7lnkj6371ryrh81

That’s why I think music is so important. Maybe not for everyone, but for me? It’s goddamn POWERFUL.

The current WiP I’m torturing myself with is about a musician. I’m kind of in love with him because he’s shy and timid but when he sings all that shit just goes away. Again. I’m writing to the effect of the power of music. It stirs feelings and pushes thoughts on me like waves shifting sand on a beach.

I never used to write to music. When I first started working on my YA Fantasy novel (which is being revised into NA Fantasy now), I would shut everyone out and demand quiet. My sister would play music and a few times I even KICKED HER OUT OF THE ROOM because it was, quote, “distracting me.” My sister is my best friend, so I probably owe her an apology.

I feel like I should have known better. I have a long history of dance. I’ve been dancing since I was really young. I’m classically trained in jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop. So, it’s not like I’m some stodgy “I hate music” type of bitch.

I’m the regular kind of bitch. *wink*

Basically, with this new WiP thingo, I never work on it unless I have the playlist I’ve created available to listen to. I did it on Spotify, so all those interested, I’ll link you up to it (Spotify Playlist – Current WiP).

My challenge to you is this: Try listening to music when you write, or draw or do ANYTHING creative. Try listening to music when you’re sad, or happy, or apathetic, or melancholy. Try listening to music that your friends like, that your parents like. Try listening to music before you go to sleep and when you first wake up. Try listening to music when you’re in a bad situation, or a good one. Try associating music with certain situations in your life.

Try listening to music. Fall in love with a song.


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