My Hopes Are So High & I’m Afraid The Fall Is Going To Hurt

I tried to sit down and edit some stuff today. I think I really need to take a break from this current WIP but I don’t know that I have anything else up my sleeves that’s as pressing as A Sweeter Sun (that’s the manuscript in question and you can read chapter 1 by tapping the click-through link). There’s one agency that has the full of it at the moment, so I’m taking time to do very close revisions on the off chance that they like it and want to talk revisions anyway—more on this later, because I want to question anyone who’ll listen about the process post-full submission. Anyway, I’m getting a little wounded over this story. And I think it’s because I’m doing the writing equivalent of playing out a song on the radio. I’ve spent too much time with it, without any real substantial breaks in between. Should I set a certain amount of time aside where I don’t think about/touch the WiP? Maybe a month or so? Is this detrimental to my writing and the project itself? Will this make it worse?

Further, I’m concerned that I haven’t heard back from the agency in question.

The process went like this:

1. Pitch 140 character summary via Twitter to Managing Editor

2. Managing Editor likes pitch, requests query and 1st 10 pages be sent.

3. I email query and 1st 10 pages.

4. Two weeks later, Submissions Editor emails saying they like what they’ve read – requests full manuscript

5. I freak the fuck out.

6. I send full manuscript.

7. I sacrifice small animals in hopes that this all comes to fruition.

8. I chew my finger nails down to the quick…

9. I wait…

10. I wait………………….

11. I submitted the full at the end of April and I. AM. STILL. WAITING. (Still chewing fingers [fingernails no longer exist], still psychotically checking email, still freakishly creeping on Managing and Submissions Editor tweets [Sorry Mandy & Emily], still losing my goddamned mind, in addition to any hope I had that this might be The One)



What’s your experience with this, if you’ve got any? Typically, how long is the wait after having submitted a full? Is there a “typical” period for waiting or does it vary from place to place? It’s been nearly 3 months. I’m fine with waiting. I have patience in abundance. I am nothing if not patient, but I feel like this lull can only signify bad news—a “Thank you, but no thank you” type of thing and my hopes were so high, I’m afraid the fall is going to hurt.


4 thoughts on “My Hopes Are So High & I’m Afraid The Fall Is Going To Hurt

  1. Depending on the house, the waiting period is usually double what they say on the website. For example, if they claim three months, it might be six, just because they get so packed with manuscripts and other things that have to take priority over reading a requested manuscript–unfortunately. Of course, it never hurts to send a polite e-mail asking about the status of your manuscript, so I would do that, contingent on what the house you subbed to says.

    • Hey, thanks for your input! I hadn’t really considered a “follow-up” email, or whether or not doing that type of thing was frowned upon—I’ve heard both sides of this, actually (Do it and Don’t do it).
      They’re stated response time is six weeks and as of tomorrow I’m looking at seven weeks after full submission.
      Your advice is much appreciated—that is, I think I’ll hold out for a few more weeks before emailing.
      Thanks again! x

  2. First off: congratulations! Getting a story picked up from a simple 140 character tweet is an incredible accomplishment! Second off: don’t freak out! If they requested ten pages from you, then requested a whole manuscript, you haven’t been forgotten. You weren’t tossed out in a stack of papers or cleared out of their inbox. They wanted your story and they asked for it. They’re probably just busy reading it and crying over how great it is. It’s hard to write an e-mail through bleary eyes when you’re holding the next great novel.

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