I can’t brain; I has the dumb

I literally caaaan’t—can nottttt—work out my thoughts over this: Amazon has announced that writers of fan-fiction can now earn royalties via Amazon Publishing, etc., etc.Image

And like many people (namely writers), I don’t have an opinion about this just yet. I’ve been thinking about this for days but I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it. Like, half of me wants to be all, Grrrr! This is WRONG. But then the other half of me is like, l0lzwhut? OKAY FINE. Because, technically, the original writer/creator of the work is still gaining clout and credit and The Monies… right?

I tried to put myself in each of the respective party’s shoes.

As the original author. Part of me is flattered. Part of me says, Hey. They liked what I CREATED enough to copy it.

But then Other part of me goes, well they’re copying what I’ve worked and SLAVED OVER (because if you are a writer, my friend, I can promise you this: YOU ARE A SLAVE TO THE CRAFT).

And the big part of this all is that there is MONEY involved. Unless you’re fucking, Stephen King or Nick Sparks, or goddamned John Green, you DO NOT make enough “just writing” to support yourself/your family.

Now the other side of this fucked up coin is the fan-fic writer’s side. The side that says, Hey. I’m doing something good for you. I’m not bashing your work and I’m not slandering your name.

This side of the coin holds that there is a love for the original author’s work that runs so deep, that re-creation and a stark NEED to live in this world just a little deeper exists.

I’m trying to think about whether or not I love any book this much. And the fact is that I do. I love several books this way. But I haven’t started writing fan-fiction on them. I’ve pulled parts from each of them and re-fashioned them into a new work that is my own.

My current work in progress blends aspects of:

  • Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires
  • Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires
  • & J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Not only that, it also includes heavy influence from Edgar Allan Poe, Cassie Claire, Neitzsche, and John Green. I haven’t stolen (or “borrowed,” to be less offensive) any character names and I haven’t copied any plot points. I’ve created something new.

After all, doesn’t Plato say that everything is a copy of a copy of a copy?

He’s right.

What are your thoughts on this whole fan fiction royalty, Kindle Worlds, Amazon Publishing business?


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