“Let me romance you,” said no one to me, ever.

In which, I blog about a tweet that @MissDahlELama posted.
Here’s my super high-tech (but not really – it’s just a screencap) version of said tweet:
Essentially, I feel like there’s a sort of predictability that comes with reading the romance genre. i.e., Main Character and Love Interest will always make it. And I’m sad about it because I wish I didn’t always have that feeling when reading this genre. I want to be shocked and surprised and scared that MC and LL  won’t make it.
Think I may’ve experienced this ONCE when reading @rachelkvincent’s STRAY series. This was due, in large part, to a love triangle where I was certain the Main Character WAS NOT going to end up with her original love interest. I won’t mention whether or not hey did or in what capacity — I will say, though, that my sister, who also read these books, was rooting for “the opposition.” We didn’t talk for a while after that.
I think we’ve seen this done, minutely, in novels like FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (I’ll link you out of respect for writing and literature) and, more recently, BEAUTY FROM PAIN (I’ll link you because this book was actually fan-fucking-tastic and Romance lovers should read it). Both these series end (at least for the first book) on pretty huge cliffhangers, but the understanding is that they (the couples) will, OF COURSE, get back together. So I don’t think this counts.
This needs to be a thing, you guys!
Romance novels (YA, NA, or otherwise) need to make this a thing. This is what we Romance readers want! (Okay, well maybe not all of us… BUT IT’S WHAT I WANT!) Am I missing something? Are there Romance/Adult novels out there that make the reader THINK there won’t be a H.E.A. (Happily Ever After) for the couple?
Can we discuss this?
No seriously, can we discuss this?! (#interrobang?!)
QUESTION #1: Is it possible to instill actual, genuine PANIC in the reader, the way Dahlia says? If yes, where have you seen this done? (Book and author, please). If no, why not?
QUESTION#2: Got any Romance/New Adult recommends?
Discuss! 😉

One thought on ““Let me romance you,” said no one to me, ever.

  1. I don’t read enough romance to comment on this (BUT I’M GOING TO ANYWAY!) but I know that my primary goal for ALL my stories is simply this: Make sure that, at some point, the reader isn’t sure that the MC will achieve their objective(s).

    I want them to have that fear, whatever the goal is.

    I do this by making them fail in other ways, especially ways where they would be expected to succeed.

    Basically, nothing ever goes my MCs’ ways in my books.

    Then again, I probably still need to work on my technique for this…

    Also: I like to build my reputation as the person who WILL let characters fail in the end…because then YOU NEVER KNOW >:D

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